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STK Paintball unveils our highly refactored 5th Generation "Vindicator" firmware for our new line of LED upgrade boards.


Packing the most "player-centric" collection of features and capabilities, this new and highly optimized design provides an unprecedented level of adjustment and customization while delivering the highest competitive edge for both recreational and tournament play.


Currently Available for the following markers:

            Dye Rize / Proto SLG UL              Proto Rail 

                  Planet Eclipse                   Etha / Etha LT


Firmware Features Include:

  • 5 Firing Modes with individual BPS rates
  • 31 Selectable Firing Mode Combinations
  • 100 Percent Trigger Programmable 
  • Future proof ramping for any Tournament Format
  • Power optimizing Solenoid and Eye Modulation
  • Chrono-Interactive Dwell and BPS Tuning Modes
  • Blocked Eye Detection with BPS Override
  • Leading and Trailing Edge Trigger Debounce
  • Forced Shot Operation for Sound Activated Loaders
  • Programmable Auto Shut Off Timer
  • FSDO Dwell and Reset Timer capable

Electrical Features Include:

  • 4MHz "nanoWatt" RISC Microcontroller
  • 80g Trigger Switch
  • Audio Feedback Piezo Speaker
  • Ultra Bright 7-Color LED
  • Power On Battery Level Measurement
  • Tournament Lockout Compliant
  • Protective Conformal PCB Coating


Firing Modes:

  • Ramping (almost 2 million combinations)
  • Semi (1 shot per pull)
  • Reactive (1 to 5 shots per pull/release)
  • Burst (2 to 5 shots per pull)
  • True Full Auto (continuous firing)
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